Prospect Builder

The Sales process is a simple concept to understand... yet devilishly difficult to do consistently well. No surprise then perhaps, that the fastest growing global tech business helps companies to tackle this process.

The single biggest time investment for sales is Prospecting. Within a pure Sales role, 40% of the working week has to be dedicated to this activity alone.

The most effective general campaigning method for lead generation is by far email campaigning. Preferrd by 89% of Marketers to generate leads (credit to Copper Chronicles)

The ability to effectively, consistently campaign, improves the size of a sales pipeline, and with effective pipeline management key to maintaining the health of a pipeline.

Automate Prospect Collation

With APTANIA's unique functionality - build target company lists from 5m UK business records, refreshed Monthly.

Key Contacts attributed automatically. Web domains and Key contact email addresses verified automatically.

Our intuitive campaign creator allows delivery of compelling content to a new audience in minutes.

Track email opens, clicks and site visits (even external to email clicks) to ensure prospect qualification is relevant, and time efficient.

APTANIA's integrated CRM, maintain a healthy sales pipeline, consistently adding more prospects as and when you need them.