Behavioural Analytics

What is behavioural analytics?

Behavioural analytics is a tool that reveals the actions users take within a digital product. It organizes raw event data such as clicks into a timeline of each user's behavior, also known as a user journey. Teams use behavioral analytics to determine what users like and don't like and, by inference, what adjustments can make the product more valuable.

What is behavioural data?

Behavioural data is the raw event data that's generated when users click, swipe, and navigate a site or app. Teams can view the data in aggregate to understand which behaviors are most common, or look at journeys, also called user flows, which show the order in which users took the actions. Behavioral analysis relies on behavioral data.

Behavioural analytics can provide user-level data so teams can answer questions like:

  • What do users click within the product?
  • Where do users get stuck?
  • How do users react to feature changes?
  • How long do users take from first click to conversion?
  • How do users react to marketing messages?
  • Which ads are the most effective?
  • Can the team nudge users to be more successful?