Unified Customer Data Platform

Web analytics, Lead generation, Customer Insights, Digital Marketing and CRM.

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A single solution for all your B2B and B2C customer data.

Grow your sales pipeline

Effectively managing your sales pipeline is a key part to any business. Tracking where each prospect is within a pipeline together with what activities have taken place gives you structure and visibility of your sales team's performance.

Generate business leads

Using our lead generation tool you are able to identify which companies and when they arrive at your website. This lead information can then be automatically pushed into your sales flows within our system.

Build email marketing campaigns

Easily build and email marketing campaigns across channels that engage your customers in a personalised way.

Trigger emails automatically in real time based on activity - or lack of activity - in any customer channel.

Monitor web traffic

Knowing where visitors are coming from and going on your website is key to understanding and profiling your customer base. Whether they landed on your site via an email, link or search engine our tracking allows you to identify which channel is performing best.

Track B2C & B2B Sales

Cater for both your B2C and B2B customers in a single solution. No need have separate systems, processes and reports. A customer is a customer and having all of your customers in one system simplifies your business and allows for accurate sales reports.

We are delighted with our partnership with APTANIA who have helped us get set up and responded efficiently to queries and answered all questions with ease.

Sue Reeves Business Biscotti

Working with APTANIA has been so refreshing - the support team are always on hand to answer questions and to assist you in running reports etc.

Sarah Walker It's Ideal Marketing

APTANIA has had such a positive effect on our business. Previously we had been managing multiple systems for sales and marketing activities which had been time consuming and problematic to say the least. We were reluctant to over pay for a complicated multi feature platform, then we found Aptania

Darren Rayner Kingdom Coffee

Digitalise your business, start today!

With our customer data platform you can easily streamline and digitalise your existing sales and marketing processes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Through our REST API services our system can run alongside your website. As soon as users sign up or place and order they can come straight into APTANIA in real-time.
For businesses who have visited your website, we provide the name, address, website address and telephone of the business as well as who the key decision makers are within the organisation.
We are able to identify business across all regions of the globe.
For our Basic package we offer email support only (Mon/Fri 9am-5pm). Standard customers receive email and phone support (Mon/Fri 9am-5pm). Enterprise customers receive 24/7 email and phone support as well as a dedicated account manager.
Our platform comes with the ability to query your data in whatever way is needed allowing you to target different audiences based on their attributes, web visits or sales activity.
We offer the ability to run a 30 day free trial on the basic software for you to evaluate the platform. No credit card needed.
The platform allows you to bulk import data through excel files.

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