Is a CRM system worth the time / money?

For many businesses CRM is fundamental to digital marketing success, offering an ability to manage customer, and prospective customer data, provide compelling digital content and a means to manage the sales pipeline. (No wonder then that the fastest growing global technology business specialises in providing CRM solutions).

There is an investment needed beyond a simply financial one to make CRM work however, and that is data. Simply put, unless very well established, and with the ability to constantly refresh and accrue data, many businesses will find this issue quickly, having insufficient customer data, or worse still, insufficient prospect data to fuel a CRM and sales activity, engagement and the sales benefits possible from digital marketing.

APTANIA recognised this issue, and, unlike any other CRM provider, includes Prospect Builder as part of our platform.

The power of Prospect Builder is evident from first use, dynamically generated target lists for B2B marketing, with Company Information, Key Contacts, Verified Domain and Verified Key Contact email addresses captured in minutes.

APTANIA also addresses another challenge often unanswered with many CRM systems, by providing intuitive campaign creation tools that mean reaching new prospects and fuelling the sales funnel is now achievable in minutes.

Now any business can say CRM is worth the time / money.

Start your digital marketing growth in minutes with APTANIA. You can even try Prospect Builder for free here;